+ Does Granite, Marble, Engineered Quartz or Porcelain stain?

Granite and marble have a potential to stain, however, if the stone is sealed properly neither will stain. Upon installation, we will seal the granite and marble thoroughly.  The natural stone should be sealed every 1-10 years depending on how porous the stone is.  Keystone Granite also offers an added sealant and warranty for an added cost. This sealant and warranty will cover the stone for 15 year in a residential home and 10 year for a commercial setting against staining & is transferable between owners.

Engineered Quartz will not stain because of the process of making the stone. The stone is made up of 92-95% quartz chips and a resin that bonds these chips together. This creates a non-porous, stain-resistant surface which never has to be sealed.

Dekton and Laminam, like engineered quartz, are non-porous materials making them stain resistant.

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