Custom Fabrication

Keystone Granite’s fabrication facility is equipped with the latest CNC equipment and technology in the solid surface industry. Keystone Granite Inc. only purchases the finest stone available. Each slab chosen is carefully inspected for unacceptable imperfections. Starting with the finest stone and combining with technology and knowledge allows Keystone Granite Inc. to produce the highest quality product in a timely manner.

Nesting with Stone Vision

The power of Stone Vision is especially evident during nesting—the process during which slab sections are aligned with one another to create a seamless natural appearance across the surface. Stone Vision software is accurate within fractions of an inch, so the best match can be made between a particular slab and your design.

This allows consumers and designers the opportunity to visualize exactly how a slab will appear in their particular installation—all without physically handling the stone while reducing the uncertainty involved with traditional stone work.